Multan International Airport

Muhammad Bin Qasim International Airport (IATA: MUX, ICAO: OPMT) is an airport situated 10 km away from the city centre of Multan in Punjab, Pakistan. It is not as large as the other airports in Pakistan, as it operates to cater mainly to the population of Multan, Vehari, Khanewal, Muzaffargarh, Rajanpur, Sahiwal, and Pakpattan.
History of Multan International Airport

Multan is an ancient city of Pakistan and is renowned for the preaching of Sufis and their shrines. It is the fifth largest city of Pakistan in terms of population, situated almost in the centre of Pakistan in the province of Punjab. Multan is surrounded by Jhang and Khanewal in the North, Khanewal and Vehari in the east, Lodhran and Bahawalpur in the south and Muzaffargarh in the west. It is bound by river Ravi on the north, river Sutlaj on the south and river Chenab on the west. The climate of Multan is hot and dry in the summers and cold in winter. Saraiki and Punjabi are commonly spoken languages in Multan. Multan Airport is situated amidst of the city in the Cantt. area. Brief history of Multan Int’l Airport is as under:-

  • 1919 RAF aircraft started operation on Kacha Maidan.
  • 1934 Occasional civil aircraft operation started by Imperial Airways.
  • 1938 Regular services started on LAH-MUL-JACOB-KAR route.
  • 1948 Pak Air service started. 1956 Multan Flying Club started.
  • 1957 PIA started operation with DC-3 aircraft.
  • 1963 Runway, taxiways and apron re-carpeted with bitumen, proper control tower erected.
  • 1971 Runway extended to 9000?
  • 1977 Terminal building extended. Jet operation started (B-720).
  • 1980 Runway strengthened and re-carpeted.
  • 1988 Rehabilitation of Jet T/W for A-300 Aircraft.
  • 1999 M/s. PIAC and M/s. Aero Asia started international operations (MUL-DUB-MUL).

Airport Quick Overview:

Airport Name: Multan Airport, Multan Intl Airport, Multan International Airport
Geographical Location: 30° 12′ 11″ North, 71° 25′ 8″ East
IATA code: MUX

Airport Manager

Squadron Leader (R) Shaukat Aslam,

Contact No. 061-9200640
Fax , 061-9200641

Email Address

Map of Multan Airport

A detailed map of Multan Airport (MUX) is presented below. You may use map navigation tools to adjust map scope and zoom level of Multan Airport map. Click the map type buttons to select map type: a street map, a satellite map and a hybrid map is available. Please use the form below the map to search and book hotels near Multan Airport, Pakistan.

Terminal Facilities

DetailsAreaCapacityOther Facilities
Arrival Lounge2993 sft.125 standing• Toilets = 1+1
• Conveyor Belt
Departure Lounge5169 sft.215 seats• Toilet = 4+2
• Ablution Area
• Prayer Area
Briefing Area2962 sft.50 standing• Conveyor Belt
• Airline checking counter
• Baggage packing
Concourse4200 sft.30 seats
State Lounge1200 sft.14 seats• Toilet 2+1
• Ablution Place
CIP Lounge2400 sft.50 seats• Toilets 3+2
• Ablution Place
• Prayer Area
Car Park20300 sft.70 cars• Public Toilets 1+1
Car Park10000 sft.45 cars
VIP Car Park8000 sft.25 cars

Multan Airport Upgradation Project – News Report


Events at Multan Airport

On 10 July 2006 a Fokker F-27 Friendship took off from Multan Airport. Flight PK688 suffered engine problems soon after take-off causing the pilot to lose control of the aircraft. The aircraft crashed in a near-by grass field causing to catch fire on impact leaving all(54) passengers and crew dead.

Multan Airport Pictures

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